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Why order a winter cover for your gazebo?

• Protection from snow and ice

• Storage for outdoor furniture

• Keeps your gazebo looking great year after year

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What is a Universal Winter Gazebo Cover?

A gazebo is a gorgeous sun shelter that provides the perfect space for entertaining friends and family, or simply for a relaxing spot to enjoy near your garden. In climates with harsh winters where snow is inevitable, it is important to protect your gazebo from possible damage due to icy conditions. Winter covers provide a layer of protection between your gazebo and the snow or other harsh winter weather.

Universal gazebo covers are purchased by size so you can protect your gazebo regardless of the model. These gazebo covers are sold by size so you can ensure it will shield your structure no matter what.

Why Does my Gazebo Need a Winter Cover?

Winter covers are so important for gazebos because they are not constructed for rough winter weather. Heavy snowfall and even ice can wreak havoc on a gazebo. It is crucial to protect the roof panels and other parts of the structure during this season. These winter covers are manufactured with ultra-strong polyethylene fabric to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Gazebo covers will elongate the life of your structure at minimal cost.

How do you Install a Gazebo Cover?

First, you’ll want to unfold the gazebo cover to determine the longer and shorter sides of the shelter and adjust accordingly. You will need an extra set of hands and two stepladders. Slide the winter cover over the structure carefully to avoid any tearing. There will be excess material at the bottom, and you will want to fold outwards. Place weights on the excess material at the bottom and attach using the eyelets.

Bonus: Your Gazebo Becomes a Winter Shed!

Winter covers also allow your gazebo to transform into a winter storage unit. Not only will this added layer of protection extend the life of your gazebo, but it can also become a spot to keep other items safe including patio furniture or other seasonal items that are not susceptible to cold temperatures. Gazebo covers are multifunctional tools to keep tabs on your investment at an affordable price.