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Relax More, Stress Less With a RIO Beach Cart

Spend your day at the beach relaxing, not carrying your gear back and forth. Shop RIO for a durable, convenient beach cart.

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Why Do You Need a RIO Beach Cart?

Traveling to the beach should be a relaxing experience. But we all know it can be a headache to transport your snacks, magazines, and other personal items to and from your car over the hot sand. Your carefree day at the beach takes a sudden turn into a sweaty hassle without the right beach equipment to make your vacation easier.

From beach towels to books, children’s snacks to a volleyball, there are multiple items you’ll want at your fingertips as soon as you hit the sand. For all-in-one convenience at an affordable price, RIO beach carts will transform your day into a breeze.

What are the Features of a RIO Beach Cart

A RIO Beach Cart is created with your total convenience in mind. These incredible features make this beach day accessory a must have.

Big wheels: When maneuvering any type of cart in a parking lot, it can be difficult to navigate through tight spaces or even from the street to the curb. The large rubber pneumatic tires on this RIO beach cart make it simple to glide on any surface and make turning easy.

Storage: The pouch inside this beach cart removes for a convenient way to keep items like keys and cell phones safer when compared to leaving them exposed on your beach towel. There is enough area in this beach cart to hold a 48 qt. cooler.

Lightweight construction: This cart is under 20 lb., which provides stability and strength without making it too bulky to carry on the go.

Easy transport: You’ll only need one hand to fold this beach cart back into the car. Whether you’re holding a towel or your hands are full of snacks, this feature is sure to save you more than once, especially while on family vacations.