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What is a Solarium?

A solarium is also known as a sunroom, which is an additional area of your home that allows in plenty of sunlight while still keeping you away from the elements outside. Having a sunroom means you can sit back and enjoy nature without being in the heat, rain, or even snow. A solarium kit is a simple addition that doesn’t require major construction. It’s a small investment that pays off big and brings relaxation to the next level. In addition, adding an extra room could even add value to your property!

A Sunroom to Extend Your Home

Sunroom kits are perfect for adding square footage to your home without actually having to build onto your structure. You can add living room furniture, plants, and other décor to truly make your sunroom a home while actually feeling like you’re outside. If you don’t need an additional living room, patio enclosures are also the perfect area to keep a hot tub.

You’ll never have to worry about rough weather if you keep your hot tub inside your solarium. Relax, read a book, or even use it as a meditation space. se it year-round as a four-season room! Entertain guests in your solarium or use it as a place to serve dinner on a perfect evening while watching the sunset. The possibilities are endless with a solarium kit by Sojag.

Durable Patio Enclosures for Your Backyard Space

The incredibly versatile solariums for sale at ShelterLogic are built with a solid aluminum frame made to last season after season. The powder coated aluminum is rustproof and corrosion resistant, providing an added layer of strength. The galvanized steel roof panels are not only durable. They add an extra touch of elegance to your space. The stunning clear PVC windows will give you a birds-eye view of nature.

Enjoy sunroom kits with 3-position sliding windows and two sliding doors for easy entry and exit. Also choose from a wall unit solarium that seamlessly blends with your home for a gorgeous focal point to your backyard space. Units also come with mosquito netting on every wall. You truly can blend in with nature without having to brave the elements.

Types of Solarium Kits

Sojag solarium kits are made with a durable aluminum frame and galvanized steel roof panels. Clear PVC windows and mosquito netting will protect you from the elements while giving you a floor-to-ceiling view of your yard.

Sojag offers two main types of solariums or sunroom kits to choose from.

Freestanding Sunroom Kits

Freestanding sunrooms can be placed anywhere in the backyard and are not attached to a structure like a house or building. These sunroom kits can be used to create an outdoor oasis for meditating, a room for sewing, a pool cabana, a backyard bar, or a shelter for a hot tub. A sunroom kit can transform a backyard by adding a premium, stylish, four-season living space. Freestanding sunrooms can be built anywhere on your property, and don't need to be next to your existing structure. They have a durable, four-wall design that will create an inviting interior space in your backyard. Sliding windows and large doors can be opened or closed to suit the weather.

Wall-Mounted Solarium Kits

Wall-mounted solarium kits are secured to an exterior wall of a home or other building. Wall-mounted solarium kits are often installed on a wooden deck or concrete slab. Wall-mounted sunrooms have three walls. The exterior wall of your home creates the fourth wall. These sunrooms can be a perfect addition to your backyard deck or patio.

Building a sunroom in front of your sliding back door extends your living space into the backyard, and you'll be able to walk from your back door directly into the sunroom. Wall-mounted solarium kits from Sojag create an intimate space where you’re protected from the elements. You can choose from a selection of styles and materials to match the exterior of your home.

Laying the Foundation for a Solarium Kit

A great solarium starts with a solid foundation. Installing your solarium kit on a good foundation will provide better support for your unit and allow for proper drainage. Depending on the kind of solarium kit you’re building, you may choose to pour a concrete foundation, or use an existing deck or patio. A foundation provides a great base for a sunroom kit. Laying a good foundation is especially important if you’re building a wall-mounted sunroom against your house.

Assemble a Solarium Kit by Yourself, or Call for Help?

When it’s time to add a solarium kit to your property, you want the installation to off without a hitch. But do you have the ability to install a sunroom kit as a DIY project, or do you need some help?

To find out whether a DIY or general contracting would work for you, or if you should pay a professional installer to do the work, first examine what you want and need. It helps to go through a checklist of reasons that typically influence whether or not your project could use professional.

Overall, if you have the time, tools, know-how, extra help, capability, and confidence, then DIY is an excellent option. If you lack any of these resources, it’s better to get help.

Remember, your solarium kit is a major investment, and there is no shame in calling in professional experts. Professional installation comes at an extra cost, but in the end, many people find the expense worth it. Here are some of the most appreciated benefits of ordering professional help.

You can Save Time: If you lack the equipment or know-how, you can easily spend more time finding tools or correcting potential mistakes. Even with the best diagrams and videos, novices that are learning from scratch have a higher chance of needing to backtrack and redo steps. This can make the project last longer. Expert contractors have experience building the same structures again and again. This will make short work of a project that might take you a long time if you’re doing a large-scale construction for the first time.

You can Save Money: If you do a DIY project, you need to have tools and safety equipment for the job. This can be a significant cost if you’re starting from scratch without the appropriate tools. If large-scale DIY construction isn’t your hobby, then you’ll probably be hitting the hardware store to get all the tools and gear you need, and the cost of tools will quickly add up. But if you hire a contractor to do the work for you, they will come with their safety equipment, tools, and other resources.

You can Relieve Stress: If the thought of DIY makes you anxious and uneasy, especially for a project that could determine the resale value of your home, then you may be feeling a lot of pressure to get it done correctly. By delegating the job to someone who has experience installing sunroom kits, you can rest assured that your investment is going to be safe. And let's face it, part of the reason that you want a solarium kit is so you can have a place to relax.

Solarium Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a solarium and a sunroom?

The main differences between a solarium and a sunroom are the architecture and materials used. Solariums tend to be more modern and feature glass roofs and walls. A sunroom typically only has glass walls. Additionally, solariums can be free-standing structures while sunrooms are attached to a house.

What are solariums used for?

Solariums can be used for a multitude of things, from lounging to making your own personal greenhouse. Solariums can be used as four-season rooms that you can enjoy throughout the year. They become a private oasis in your outdoor space.

What makes a room a solarium?

A solarium notably features a full glass roof and walls. Solariums can be used year-round, in all 4 seasons. Solariums can be free-standing buildings or wall mounted to your house utilizing your existing patio or deck.

Do you need foundations for a sunroom?

For free-standing sunrooms or solariums, a solid foundation will provide proper support and drainage. Depending on what type of solarium kit you choose, you may want a concrete foundation or use an existing patio or deck. When building a wall-mounted sunroom, a foundation is vitally important.