Wall-mounted Gazebos

Add Extra Shade to Your Patio with a Wall Mounted Gazebo

Sturdy and functional, our wall mounted gazebos give your patio or deck attractive shade and protection from the elements for comfortable time spent outdoors.

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What is a Wall Mounted Gazebo?

A wall mounted gazebo has all the functionality of a gazebo but it is attached to the wall of your home. While it is utilized in the same ways as a traditional gazebo, a wall mounted gazebo is truly an extension of your indoor living space. It blends seamlessly with your existing structure while providing increased shade and plenty of rest and relaxation.

Consider a wall mounted gazebo as a cost-effective home improvement investment. Rather than breaking the bank on a sunroom or even an additional room in your home for family gatherings, a wall mounted gazebo can double as the perfect additional room to your home. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes with retractable roof options for ultimate versatility.

In addition to the pure functionality, a wall mounted gazebo offers a gorgeous focal point to anyone’s back or side yard. Install it over a patio for an elegant shade solution without the hefty cost of adding on to your home.

Where Do You Put a Wall Mounted Gazebo?

A wall mounted gazebo can be placed anywhere on your property where it can utilize a wall of your home. They are used in the backyard or side yard space and can even act as a pool cabana if you need to elevate your pool or patio area. You can even use it in your backyard space as a quiet space to read or to be at one with nature.

A wall mounted gazebo can be ideal for your backyard if space is at a premium. If you don’t have room for a full-sized traditional gazebo, you and your family can still reap all of the benefits with a gorgeous wall mounted gazebo from SOJAG.

How Do You Use a Wall Mounted Gazebo?

The possibilities are endless because a wall mounted gazebo is one of the most versatile additions to your outdoor space. Here are some popular ways to use these shade structures in your yard.

  • Sunroom: If you simply want to kick back and enjoy Mother Nature, use your wall mounted gazebo as a sunroom. Bask in the sunlight and admire the great outdoors without ever leaving your living space. A traditional sunroom is an expensive investment, where a wall mounted gazebo is much more affordable.
  • Patio seating: If you love entertaining friends and family outside but don’t have a huge backyard, place your wall mounted gazebo over your patio furniture for a cozy seating area that is sure to please your guests with endless comfort.
  • Family room: Need a spot to stream movies or watch the big game, but your whole family can’t quite decide on what to watch? Just add a television to your patio and stream away under your wall mounted gazebo.
  • Outdoor kitchen: From summer barbecues to holiday gatherings, you can never have enough space to entertain. Add a wall mounted gazebo to your backyard and use the space to prepare and serve food to your guests.